Alaska Health Workforce Coalition 2017-2021 Action Agenda

Health care is one of the largest and most dynamic industries in Alaska, accounting for eight percent of total employment and around 16 percent of the value produced by the state’s economy. According to the Alaska Department of Labor and Workforce Development, as baby boomers turn 65, Alaska will have more senior citizens than at any other time in history. If current projections are accurate, there could be 124,857 people ages 65 and older by 2034. With a major customer base for health care likely to increase by more than 125 percent, the population growth will most likely equate to continued industry growth. The ongoing expansion of the state’s hospitals and clinics, and the adaptation of new technologies, will also contribute to industry growth.

In 2010, the Alaska Health Workforce Coalition (The Coalition), a public-private partnership created to address health workforce issues, completed the Alaska Health Workforce Plan which was adopted by the Alaska Workforce Investment Board as well as Coalition member organizations and is now being implemented. This plan is a consensus of the strategies that must be employed to meet Alaska’s most pressing health workforce needs. 

Access the Alaska Health Workforce Plan here. The Alaska Health Workforce Coalition develops Action Agendas every five years to continue the implementation efforts of the workforce plan.