Health Care Career Connections for HS Students w/Disabilities

Health Career Connections for Students Who Experience Disabilities*

Dates:  December 9-13, 2019, in Juneau

This program is FREE for eligible students, age 15-18.

Health Career Connections introduces high school students to a variety of health care professions.

This one-week residential program takes place in Juneau and includes:

        • Exposure to health and behavioral health careers (certificate to doctorate)
        • Site visits (i.e. hospital, emergency medical services, cancer center, physical/occupational therapy, behavioral health, dental, University of Alaska Southeast and more)
        • CPR Training
        • Presentations by health care professionals
        • Classroom work to explore how to pursue a health care career

*Students with disabilities may have an IEP or 504 plan along with students who are potentially eligible for services because of a variety of disabilities not 'identified' by the school district

This program introduces students to a wide variety of health and behavioral health careers and is open to eligible high school students (age 15-18). District teams are comprised of up to five students and a chaperone. Chaperones must be school employees; special education teachers, teachers or counselors preferred. All teams must arrive in Juneau on the night before the class begins and depart after 1 pm on the last day.

The program is free to eligible students including instruction, accommodations, housing, transportation in Juneau, all meals, site visits, CPR training and presentations by health care professionals. School districts will receive a travel stipend to cover some or all of the costs for  students traveling to and from Juneau.

Chaperone Cost: $650 (Travel to and from Juneau not included)

AK AIR Discount Code Available

For more info, email or call 907-586-6806.

Letter of Intent Deadline: November 4, 2019

This program is sponsored by the State of Alaska Division of Vocational Rehabilitation's Pre-Employment Transition Services, SERRC - Alaska's Educational Resource Center and the Southeast Alaska AHEC.

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