Health Care Career Connections for HS Students

Dates for the next Health Career Connections will be announced in Fall 2019.

This program is open to high school students (9th-12th grade). District teams are comprised of up to five students and a chaperone. All teams must arrive in Juneau on April 28 and depart after 1 pm on May 3.

HEALTH Career Connections introduces high school students to a variety of health care professions.  This one-week residential program includes:

  • Exposure to health care careers (certificate to doctorate)
  • Site visits (i.e. hospital, emergency medical services, cancer center, physical/occupational therapy, behavioral health, dental, University of Alaska Southeast and more)
  • CPR Training
  • Presentations by health care professionals
  • Classroom work to explore how to pursue a health care career

Health Career Connection participants can earn one University of Alaska Southeast credit!

"It was awesome! It definitely helped me realize how many jobs are available in the medical field. The tours were amazing." - Health Career Connections Participant

"The program gave me a great outlook on the medical field and showed me things I never even thought of before." - Health Career Connections Participant

"This opportunity could pave the career path for the participating students. I wish I had this opportunity as a high school student. It may have changed my career." - Health Career Connections Chaperone

 2019 Partners

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2019 Behavioral Health Career Connections in the News

Spring 2018 Health Career Connections Photos

This program is hosted by the Southeast Alaska Area Health Education Center (AHEC) in association with SERRC - Alaska's Educational Resource Center.