Mental Health First Aid Training

Anyone, anywhere can be the one to make a difference in the life of someone with a mental health or substance use challenge – if they know what to do and what to say.

Mental Health First Aid teaches skills that enable participants to:

      • Promote mental health literacy
      • Combat stigma of mental illness
      • Enable early intervention through recognition of signs and symptoms
      • Connect people to care
The course teaches participants how to apply the ALGEE action plan:
      • Assess for risk of suicide or harm
      • Listen non-judgmentally
      • Give reassurance and information
      • Encourage appropriate professional help
      • Encourage self-help and other support strategies

Studies also show that the program reduces the social distance created by negative attitudes and perceptions of individuals with mental illnesses.


The Southeast Alaska AHEC provides Mental Health First Aid certificate-training to organizations and health care facilities throughout the region.

Upcoming Trainings: Petersburg Medical Center - June 18, 2019


Alaska AHEC can teach this program to students age 16 - 18  with signed parental/guardian permission.

Recent High School Trainings: Juneau School District and Ketchikan High School in partnership with the Ketchikan Wellness Coalition.