Scrubs Programs by SERRC - Alaska's Educational Resource Center

K-2 Scrubs Camp in Kotzebue

The Southeast Alaska AHEC, in association with SERRC – Alaska’s Educational Resource Center, provides curriculum, instructors, activities and supplies for this hands-on program that introduces students to a variety of health care careers.

K-5 Camps – $3,500 per session*

The K-5 Scrubs program includes four days of instruction (four hours a day) led by AHEC staff in tandem with local teachers/after-school staff. K-5 Scrubs Camps include age-appropriate activities that introduce students to health and behavioral health careers, hands-on experiments and presentations by local health care professionals.

*The cost listed above does not include travel costs to site.

Middle & High School Scrubs

Middle & High School Scrubs programs can take place after-school or as a four-day camp (six hours per day) led by AHEC staff. This program includes site visits to health care facilities, presentations by local health professionals, career exploration, substance abuse prevention and education, CPR and/or Mental Health First Aid training and hands-on experiments and lessons.

Price is based on number of students and format. 

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